Victoria (live 1979)


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When David Gilmour of Pink Floyd was asked in an interview if he could name any song he wishes he might have created, he replied it would be The Kinks' Waterloo Sunset, and went on to praise the song. /detail.php?id=4147

As Ray Davies admitted in an interview, "The Lyrics could be better" but they were "heartfelt and sincere" and "they dovetail with the music perfectly."

And to paraphrase an old comment "if at 20 you have no love for God, for God's people, for God's creation, you have no heart, if at 40 you're not a conservative, you have no sense." But heart comes first.

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Victoria - 1969

Long ago, life was clean
Sex was bad, called obscene
And the rich were so mean
Stately homes for the Lords
Croquet lawns, village greens
Victoria was my queen

Victoria, 'toria

I was born, lucky me
In a land that I love
Though I'm poor, I am free
When I grow, I shall fight
For this land, I shall die
Let her sun never set

Victoria, 'toria

Land of hope and gloria
Land of my Victoria
Land of hope and gloria
Land of my Victoria
Victoria, 'toria

Canada to India
Australia to Cornwall
Singapore to Hong Kong
From the west to the east
From the rich to the poor
Victoria loved them all