School — its etymology

School and Scholar come from the Greek word "Scholazo" translated as "empty" or "master holding" or "on hold" or "on vacation". A different word to "Kenos" where Empty means "Vain"

Scholazo - On Hold (House Empty), Husband and wife (give yourself to fasting and prayer)

School of Tyrannus - Sovereign - Master Holding (echo, ecole) Vacation spot in Ephesus, two years of debate.

In secular writings (a centurion's "vacant" office). At Leisure, Victory, Mastery, "Sieg" 

Three "Schools" of opinion when it comes to Life (and Worship). Famously acknowledged at the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, designed to end the European Wars of Religion that had commenced with the Protestant Reformation under Martin Luther in 1517.

Catholicism - Charity (continually giving). Past Tense.

Lutheranism - Faith (confession) alone, Scripture alone, Grace alone. Present Tense.

Calvinism - Hope, Hope that Jesus will make us to obey, by our being brokenhearted by sin. Future Tense.

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