From: Stephen Williamson
Sent: Sunday, December 29, 2013 8:11 PM
Subject: Rapturable pilots serving together on British Airways :-)

Hi Dave, Hi all

Dave, thanks for the coffee.

Regarding this issue of rapturable pilots serving together, found one answer in Snopes /religion/pilot.asp

We asked the FAA about the possibility of its having a policy that barred the rapturable from serving with each other only to be told by one of its representatives, ďThe FAA does not have any regulations referencing religious beliefsĒ. Likewise our query to American Airlines was met with the assurance that AA does not now have a policy, nor has it ever had one.

So while Snopes doesnít mention British Airways, the FAA being a huge US pilot administrative group, itíd be a bit odd for a British company, or any secular firm anywhere, to buck their statement and establish policies based on a set of dispensation beliefs published by Mr Scofield in 1888 (which ended up in the Scofield Reference Bible). Very marketable, and profitable for a few preachers, but if you click that hyperlink, got Corrie ten Boom quite upset because of the lack of preparedness of Christians in China, in Russia and in other invaded countries this past century.

And to quote from an old Aussie singer "I've done all the Dumb Things".

But in reference to the Lordís coming, and Malachiís last verse, and families, hereís the email I felt led to send to a close friend last week.

Well, Praise the Lord if those numbers Iíve seen mean the Lordís coming is now very much at the door, after we got off the phone my thoughts about those two, Godís witnesses, (and being in a place that escapes their plagues) has always been the Malachi verse, last verse in the O.T. about Elijah coming in a restorative way, and turning the heart plans of the fathers to the children, and the childrenís to the fathers, lest the earth be struck with a curse.

With raptures and mysteries involved there, yes, God knows. So yes, seven billion folks in the world, every single one of us knows deep down itís right to be in a right relationship / honouring family, father/father-in-law (or his memory), thatís surely going to need a few miracles :-)

And if weíve got many years yet :-), well praise the Lord, we keep our eyes up, and do good, by the Lordís grace :-).

Blessings Steve

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