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Age Ranges
According to the CIA under its "World" heading, the median age 31 years.

Birth Rates and Death Rates
The average birthrate is estimated at about 4 to 5 babies per second or 367,000 per day (134 million for the year), the average death rate is about 183,500 per day (67 million for the year), leading to a net yearly increase of about 67 million.

In Australia the numbers are a small fraction of this. In 2022/23 the birthrate was 34 babies per hour or 820 per day (300,000 for the year), the death rate was 22 per hour or 520 per day (190,000 for the year), leading to a net natural yearly increase of about 110,000. An O/S students surge meant net migrant intake on top of this was 388,000.

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Sorting by Life Expectancy
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Life Expectancy stats from UN in 2022.

The Life Expectancy column reveals countries, sadly, where it is low, e.g. in Sub-Saharan Africa, where destructive activity from mind-altering drugs and idolatry and so-called "casual" sex i.e. fornication (sleaziness and slackness) has been rampant. In many of these countries the under-age-5 mortality rate is well above the norm, with the cause frequently due to sepsis — a young body's inability to cope with bacterial or viral infection. Rev 2:21-23. However, as that under-age-5 link also indicates, the infant mortality rate in those countries over the past 70 years has greatly improved, praise God for the many workers out there.

UN and IMF Membership
With regards to the IMF (International Monetary Fund), there are 190 members, of which one member (Kosovo) is not a member of the UN, and four non-members of the IMF (Cuba, North Korea, Liechtenstein, and Monaco) are sovereign countries at the UN. With regards to the UN, there are thus 193 sovereign member states numbered below, though the governments of six of them are not recognized by one or more other member states. In alphabetic order, the six countries are Armenia (not diplomatically recognized by Pakistan at present), * China (a number of countries still recognizing the administration in Taiwan in its place, Cyprus (with Turkey recognizing the administration in North Cyprus in its place), ** Israel (with many countries recognizing the administration in the observer *** State of Palestine in its place), North Korea (with France, Japan and South Korea recognizing the government in South Korea in its place), and South Korea (not diplomatically recognized by North Korea at present).
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* Beijing was initially recognized as China's capital by the USSR in 1949, India in 1950, France in 1964, Italy in 1970, UK and the UN in 1971, and many countries (including Australia and Japan) in 1972, US in 1979, South Korea (finally) in 1992. In 2023, 13 UN member countries recognize Taiwan at a diplomatic level: 4 small islands in the Pacific Ocean, 4 islands and 3 countries in Central America, Paraguay in South America, Eswatini (Swaziland) in Africa, plus one UN observer country: Vatican City in Rome.
** 28 UN member countries in 2023 refuse to recognize Israel officially (eg at a passport or visa level) and 3 countries (Iran Syria and Lebanon) are engaged in a primary trading boycott of all Israeli business.
*** 138 UN member countries in 2023 recognize the UN observer State of Palestine. Of the 55 UN members who do not recognize the State of Palestine (including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, US, and most of Europe) there is general support for some form of two-state solution to the conflict.

Trans Score is based on Transparency International index rating in 2022. Not all countries received a rating. The index surveys about a dozen organizations including the World Bank and Freedom House in the US, the World Economic Forum and IIMD in Switzerland, the Economist in the UK, plus others, with countries needing to be on at least three lists to receive an overall rating. Only public sector corruption is surveyed (Bribery of officials, Looting of public assets etc), with "Perception" the key word in all surveys.


Scores Perceived as less corrupt Perceived as more corrupt
99–90 89–80 79–70 69–60 59–50 49–40 39–30 29–20 19–10 9–0

Region ▲▼Country ▲▼Trans
(millions) ▲▼
Life Expectancy ▲▼Population cf ▲▼Life Expectancy cf
AsiaIndia 401426.00067.21426.00067.20
China and India based on UN Report Apr 2023
North AmericaUS 69337.00077.23188.00073.17
Java 150million Sumatra 60million Sulawesi 20million Kalimantan 17million 900 other islands 33million
AsiaPakistan 27234.00066.13704.00072.30
AfricaNigeria 24222.00052.73926.00071.19
South AmericaBrazil 38217.00072.84143.00071.28
AsiaBangladesh 25170.00072.44313.00071.32
East EuropeRussia 28146.00069.44459.00071.26
Central AmericaMexico 31133.00070.24592.00071.23
AsiaJapan 73125.00084.84717.00071.59
AfricaEthiopia (previously known as Abyssinia)38124.00065.04841.00071.42
AsiaPhilippines 33114.00069.34955.00071.37
AfricaEgypt 30108.00070.25063.00071.35
AsiaVietnam 42100.00073.65163.00071.39
AfricaDemocratic Republic of the Congo (previously Zaire)2098.00059.25261.00071.16
AsiaIran (previously known as Persia)2587.00073.95348.00071.21
AsiaTurkey 3687.00076.05435.00071.28
EuropeGermany 7984.60080.65519.60071.43
AsiaThailand 3670.30078.75589.90071.52
EuropeUK 7369.00080.75658.90071.63
EuropeFrance 7265.70082.55724.60071.75
AfricaTanzania 3865.00066.25789.60071.69
AfricaSouth Africa 4361.50062.35851.10071.59
EuropeItaly 5660.20082.95911.30071.71
AfricaKenya 3257.40061.45968.70071.61
AsiaMyanmar (previously known as Burma)2355.50065.76024.20071.56
South AmericaColombia 3952.50072.86076.70071.57
AsiaSouth Korea 6351.40083.76128.10071.67
AfricaUganda 2650.30062.76178.40071.59
EuropeSpain 6047.00083.06225.40071.68
AfricaSudan 2247.00065.36272.40071.63
South AmericaArgentina 3846.40075.46318.80071.66
AfricaAlgeria 3346.20076.46365.00071.70
East EuropeUkraine 3343.00071.66408.00071.69
AsiaIraq 2343.00070.46451.00071.69
AsiaAfghanistan 2441.60062.06492.60071.62
North AmericaCanada 7439.00082.76531.60071.69
East EuropePoland 5538.00076.56569.60071.72
AfricaMorocco 3838.00074.06607.60071.73
AsiaSaudi Arabia 5136.40076.96644.00071.76
AfricaAngola 3336.00061.66680.00071.70
AsiaUzbekistan 3135.00070.96715.00071.70
South AmericaPeru 3634.30072.46749.30071.70
AfricaMozambique 2634.00059.36783.30071.64
AsiaMalaysia 4733.60074.96816.90071.66
AfricaGhana 4333.00063.86849.90071.62
AsiaYemen 1632.00063.86881.90071.58
AsiaNepal 3430.70068.46912.60071.57
AfricaMadagascar 2630.00064.56942.60071.54
AfricaCameroon 2628.60060.36971.20071.49
AfricaCote d-Ivoire (Ivory Coast)3728.40058.66999.60071.44
South AmericaVenezuela 1428.20070.67027.80071.44
AfricaNiger 3227.00061.67054.80071.40
OceaniaAustralia 7526.40084.57081.20071.45
AsiaNorth Korea 1726.00073.37107.20071.46
-AsiaTaiwan (Claimed by China, but has a rival administration that claims all of China as its territory)6824.00081.07131.20071.49
AfricaBurkina Faso 4222.40059.37153.60071.45
AfricaMali 2821.70058.97175.30071.41
AsiaSri Lanka 3621.60076.47196.90071.43
AfricaMalawi 3420.40062.97217.30071.40
AfricaZambia 3319.70061.27237.00071.37
South AmericaChile 6719.50078.97256.50071.39
AsiaKazakhstan 3619.30069.47275.80071.39
AsiaSyria 1319.00072.17294.80071.39
East EuropeRomania 4619.00074.27313.80071.40
Central AmericaGuatemala 2418.80069.27332.60071.39
South AmericaEcuador 3618.30073.77350.90071.40
AfricaSenegal 4318.00067.17368.90071.39
AfricaChad 1917.60052.57386.50071.34
AsiaCambodia 2417.30069.67403.80071.34
EuropeNetherlands 8017.20081.77421.00071.36
AfricaSomalia 1217.00055.37438.00071.33
AfricaZimbabwe 2315.40059.37453.40071.30
AfricaGuinea 2514.00058.97467.40071.28
AfricaRwanda 5114.00066.17481.40071.27
AfricaBenin 4313.00059.87494.40071.25
AfricaBurundi 1713.00061.77507.40071.23
AfricaTunisia 4012.10073.87519.50071.24
Central AmericaHaiti 1712.00063.27531.50071.22
South AmericaBolivia 3112.00063.67543.50071.21
EuropeBelgium 7311.70081.97555.20071.23
AfricaSouth Sudan 1311.60055.07566.80071.20
Central AmericaCuba 4511.30073.77578.10071.21
Central AmericaDominican Republic 3211.10072.67589.20071.21
AsiaJordan 4711.00074.37600.20071.21
East EuropeCzechia 5610.80077.77611.00071.22
AsiaAzerbaijan 2310.40069.47621.40071.22
EuropeGreece 5210.30080.17631.70071.23
EuropeSweden 8310.30083.07642.00071.25
Central AmericaHonduras 2310.30070.17652.30071.25
EuropePortugal 6210.20081.07662.50071.26
AsiaUnited Arab Emirates 6710.20078.77672.70071.27
AsiaTajikistan 2410.10071.67682.80071.27
East EuropeHungary 429.60074.57692.40071.27
East EuropeBelarus 399.50072.47701.90071.27
OceaniaPapua New Guinea 309.40065.47711.30071.27
EuropeAustria 719.10081.67720.40071.28
AsiaIsrael 639.00082.37729.40071.29
EuropeSwitzerland 828.80084.07738.20071.31
AfricaTogo 308.80061.67747.00071.30
EuropeSerbia 368.70074.27755.70071.30
AfricaSierra Leone 348.40060.17764.10071.29
-AsiaChina Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region of China)767.60085.57771.70071.30
AsiaLaos 317.50068.17779.20071.30
South AmericaParaguay 287.40070.37786.60071.30
AfricaLibya 177.10071.97793.70071.30
East EuropeBulgaria 436.80071.87800.50071.30
Central AmericaNicaragua 196.80073.87807.30071.30
AsiaKyrgyzstan 276.80070.07814.10071.30
AsiaLebanon 246.80075.07820.90071.30
Central AmericaEl Salvador 336.60070.77827.50071.30
AsiaTurkmenistan 196.20069.37833.70071.30
AsiaSingapore 836.00082.87839.70071.31
AfricaCongo (Republic)215.90063.57845.60071.30
EuropeDenmark 905.80081.47851.40071.31
EuropeFinland 875.60082.07857.00071.32
EuropeNorway 845.50083.27862.50071.33
East EuropeSlovakia 535.50074.97868.00071.33
AfricaLiberia 265.40060.77873.40071.32
AsiaOman 445.40072.57878.80071.32
Central AmericaCosta Rica 545.20077.07884.00071.33
EuropeIreland 775.10082.07889.10071.33
AfricaCentral African Republic 245.00053.97894.10071.32
AfricaMauritania 305.00064.47899.10071.32
OceaniaNew Zealand 874.90082.57904.00071.32
Central AmericaPanama 364.50076.27908.50071.33
AsiaKuwait 424.40078.77912.90071.33
EuropeCroatia 504.00077.67916.90071.33
AsiaGeorgia 564.00071.77920.90071.33
AfricaEritrea 223.70066.57924.60071.33
South AmericaUruguay 743.50075.47928.10071.33
AsiaMongolia 333.40071.07931.50071.33
-AsiaState of Palestine (West Bank) 3.40073.57934.90071.34
EuropeBosnia and Herzegovina 343.20075.37938.10071.34
AsiaArmenia 463.00072.07941.10071.34
AsiaQatar 583.00079.37944.10071.34
EuropeAlbania 362.80076.57946.90071.34
EuropeLithuania 622.80073.77949.70071.34
-Central AmericaPuerto Rico (US Territory) 2.70080.27952.40071.35
Central AmericaJamaica 442.70070.57955.10071.35
AfricaNamibia 492.60059.37957.70071.34
East EuropeMoldova 392.60068.87960.30071.34
AfricaGambia 342.50062.17962.80071.34
AfricaBotswana 602.30061.17965.10071.33
AfricaGabon 292.30065.87967.40071.33
AfricaLesotho 372.20053.17969.60071.33
EuropeSlovenia 562.10080.77971.70071.33
-AsiaState of Palestine (Gaza Strip) 2.00073.57973.70071.33
-EuropeKosovo (technically an autonomous region inside Serbia)412.00076.87975.70071.33
EuropeMacedonia North402.00073.87977.70071.33
EuropeLatvia 591.90073.67979.60071.33
AfricaGuinea-Bissau 211.60059.77981.20071.33
AfricaEquatorial Guinea 171.50060.67982.70071.33
AsiaBahrain 441.40078.87984.10071.33
AsiaTimor-Leste as a nation occupies mountainous eastern half of island. Official languages are Portuguese and Tetum, with numerous tribal languages outside Dili, the capital.
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EuropeEstonia 741.30077.17986.70071.33
Central AmericaTrinidad and Tobago 421.30073.07988.00071.33
AfricaSwaziland (Eswatini)301.20057.17989.20071.33
AfricaMauritius 501.20073.67990.40071.33
AfricaDjibouti 301.00062.37991.40071.33
AfricaComoros 190.90063.47992.30071.33
EuropeCyprus 520.89081.27993.19071.33
OceaniaFiji 530.89067.17994.08071.33
-AfricaReunion Island (Region under France) 0.87081.67994.95071.33
AsiaBhutan 680.75071.87995.70071.33
South AmericaGuyana 400.74065.77996.44071.33
OceaniaSolomon Islands 420.72070.37997.16071.33
-AsiaChina Macao SAR (Special Administrative Region of China) 0.68085.47997.84071.33
EuropeLuxembourg 770.63082.67998.47071.33
-AfricaWestern Sahara (technically administered by Morocco, previously Spanish Sahara until 1975) 0.62070.87999.09071.33
EuropeMontenegro 450.62076.37999.71071.33
South AmericaSuriname 400.60070.38000.31071.33
AsiaMaldives 400.58079.98000.89071.33
AfricaCabo Verde 600.57074.18001.46071.33
EuropeMalta 510.51083.88001.97071.33
AsiaBrunei Darussalam
* not rated in 2021, 2022
60 *0.45074.68002.42071.33
Central AmericaBelize 0.43070.58002.85071.33
Central AmericaBahamas 640.39071.68003.24071.33
-Central AmericaGuadeloupe (Region under France) 0.38080.58003.62071.33
EuropeIceland 740.37082.78003.99071.33
-Central AmericaMartinique (Region under France) 0.36080.78004.35071.33
OceaniaVanuatu 480.30070.48004.65071.33
-OceaniaFrench Polynesia (French Territory) includes Tahiti 0.28079.58004.93071.33
-South AmericaFrench Guiana (Region under France) 0.28074.98005.21071.33
Central AmericaBarbados 650.27077.68005.48071.33
-OceaniaNew Caledonia (French Territory) 0.27079.08005.75071.33
-AfricaMayotte (Region under France) 0.25074.28006.00071.34
AfricaSao Tome and Principe 450.22067.68006.22071.33
OceaniaSamoa 0.20072.88006.42071.34
Central AmericaSaint Lucia 550.18071.18006.60071.34
-OceaniaGuam (US Territory) 0.17076.78006.77071.34
-Central AmericaCuracao (Dutch autonomous region) pronounced Kew-ra-sow 0.15075.48006.92071.34
OceaniaKiribati 0.12067.48007.04071.34
-Central AmericaAruba (Dutch autonomous region) 0.11074.68007.15071.34
Central AmericaGrenada 520.11074.98007.26071.34
Central AmericaSaint Vincent and the Grenadines 600.11069.68007.37071.34
OceaniaMicronesia Federated States 0.10570.78007.47571.34
AfricaSeychelles 700.10071.38007.57571.34
-EuropeChannel Islands (Jersey, UK Crown Dependency) 0.10080.78007.67571.34
Central AmericaAntigua and Barbuda 0.10078.58007.77571.34
-Central AmericaUnited States Virgin Islands (US Territory) 0.10074.78007.87571.34
OceaniaTonga 0.10071.08007.97571.34
-EuropeIsle of Man (UK Crown Dependency) 0.08580.58008.06071.34
EuropeAndorra (landlocked in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain) 0.08080.48008.14071.34
-EuropeChannel Islands (Guernsey, UK Crown Dependency) 0.07082.28008.21071.34
-Central AmericaCayman Islands (UK Territory) 0.07075.18008.28071.34
Central AmericaDominica 550.07072.88008.35071.34
-North AmericaBermuda (UK Territory) 0.06079.38008.41071.34
-North AmericaGreenland (technically part of Denmark since 1814, self rule since 2009. Island mass is mostly inside the Arctic Circle) 0.05572.48008.46571.34
OceaniaMarshall Islands 0.05565.38008.52071.34
-EuropeFaeroe Islands (Denmark self-governing territory) 0.05079.38008.57071.34
Central AmericaSaint Kitts and Nevis 0.05071.78008.62071.34
-OceaniaNorthern Mariana Islands (US Territory) 0.05077.28008.67071.34
-Central AmericaTurks and Caicos Islands (UK Territory) 0.04574.68008.71571.34
-OceaniaAmerican Samoa (US Territory) 0.04572.58008.76071.34
EuropeLiechtenstein 0.04083.38008.80071.34
EuropeMonaco 0.04085.98008.84071.34
-Central AmericaSaint Martin (French Territory) 0.04080.48008.88071.34
-EuropeGibraltar (UK Territory) 0.03579.38008.91571.34
EuropeSan Marino 0.03580.98008.95071.34
-Central AmericaBritish Virgin Islands (UK Territory) 0.03074.58008.98071.34
-Central AmericaCaribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba Islands - Special Dutch municipalities) 0.02575.18009.00571.34
-OceaniaCook Islands (a sovereign state, with New Zealand bearing U.N. responsibility) 0.02074.88009.02571.34
OceaniaPalau 0.02066.08009.04571.34
-Central AmericaAnguilla (UK Territory) 0.01576.68009.06071.34
-Central AmericaSaint Barthelemy (French Territory) 0.01080.48009.07071.34
OceaniaNauru 0.01063.68009.08071.34
OceaniaTuvalu 0.01064.58009.09071.34
-OceaniaWallis and Futuna Islands (French Territory) 0.01078.48009.10071.34
-AfricaSaint Helena (UK Territory) 0.00676.88009.10671.34
-North AmericaSaint Pierre and Miquelon (French Territory) 0.00677.28009.11271.34
-Central AmericaMontserrat (UK Territory) 0.00575.68009.11771.34
-South AmericaFalkland Islands Malvinas (UK Territory) 0.00378.68009.12071.34
-OceaniaNiue (a sovereign state, with New Zealand bearing U.N. responsibility) 0.00270.88009.12271.34
-EuropeHoly See (Vatican City in Rome, a sovereign observer state) 0.00182.08009.12371.34
-OceaniaTokelau (New Zealand territory) 0.00175.28009.12471.34

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