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Nightmare Larry Norman

From the Album "So Long Ago The Garden"
(MGM Records 1973)

Larry Norman -- vocals, keyboards Bob Brady -- piano Tony Carr -- percussion Malcolm Duncan -- saxophone last night i had that same old dream it rocked me in my sleep and left me the impression that the sandman plays for keeps i dreamed i was in concert on the middle of a cloud john wayne and billy graham were giving breath mints to the crowd i fell through a hole in heaven i left the stage for good and when i landed on the earth i was back in hollywood the california earthquake it tore the land in half while san andreas cleared her throat i heard tsunami laugh the ground began to tremble the land began to sway and people in the other states they were glad they'd moved away when suddenly california just floated in the breeze while every thing that wasn't sank down into the seas and soon i saw atlantis rumble and rise high and the great egg of euphrates came down out of the sky out stepped shirley temple with guy kibbee who was dead and that communist bill robinson whom shirley called black red they had a marionette of harpo marx they said it was a inside joke but when i honked his horn he came alive and these were the words he spoke "with the continents adrift and the sun about to shift will the ice caps drown us all or will we burn we've polluted what we own will we reap what we have sown? are we headed for the end or can we turn? we've paved the forest killed the streams burned the bridges to our dreams the earth is bursting at the seams and in pain of childbirth screams as it gives life to what seems to either be an age that gleams or simply lays there dying if this goes on will life survive how can it out of the grave oh who will save our planet?" i said i'm pleased to meet you i always thought you were a scream he said "had you ever thought of having helen keller in your dreams?" i said errol flynn dropped by but he tried to steal my girl then she ran off with ronald colman said something about a new world now i'm stuck with my own cooking hell i'm lonely can't you see well he grabbed my leg he said exactly eighty nine words to me count 'em "let the proud but dying nation kiss the last generation it's the year of the pill, age of the gland we have landed on the moon but we'll clutter that up soon our sense of freedom's gotten out of hand we kill our children swap our wives we've learned to greet a man with knives we swallow pills in fours and fives our cities look like crumbling hives man does not live he just survives we sleep till he arrives love is a corpse we sit and watch it harden we left it oh so long ago the garden" the strings snapped briskly then went slack the marionette lay dead while hoover played with the motorcade the body slumped and bled the man who held the camera disappeared into the crowd i said the hope of youth, fictitious truth, lays covered in a shroud then up walked elmo lincoln and he said i beg your pardon but we left it oh so long ago, the garden we left it oh so long ago, the garden ** End of song