Count Fulk IV of Anjou 1043-1109 marries BertradeBertrade then leaves himand marries King Philip I of France
who is then excommunicated
by the Pope
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Their son Fulk V of Anjou 1089-1143 marries Ermengarde of Maine 1096-1126 They have a daughter Cecilewho marriesPons of Tripoli
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Geoffrey Plantegenet
After his first wife Ermengarde dies, and with his first son Geoffrey married to Matilda, heir to the English throne, Fulk, having been a wealthy crusader for a year back in 1120, an experienced military commander, a provider of monetary support to two knights in the Knights Templar in 1122, now marries Melisende
daughter of King Baldwin II of Jerusalem
in 1129, and becomes King of Jerusalem in 1131, co-ruling with his wife. His next two sons are Baldwin III 1130-1163 who becomes King of Jerusalem co-ruling with his mother in 1143 and then Amalric 1136-1174 who follows his brother as King of Jerusalem in 1163
  They have a son Raymond II of Tripoli 1115-1152 who marries Melisende's sister Honierna. These two have a son Raymond III of Tripoli 1140-1187 who becomes regent of Jerusalem in 1174 after his maternal cousin Amalric dies.
Geoffrey marries Matilda, daughter and heir of King Henry I of England in 1128 and they have a son Henry
who, following a civil war in England between Matilda and her cousin Stephen, becomes King Henry II of England in 1154. He is the paternal half-cousin of Sybilla and Baldwin IV
Amalric has a daughter Sibylla 1160-1190 and a son Baldwin IV 1161-1185 who, while suffering severely from leprosy, becomes King of Jerusalem in 1174 assisted by Raymond of Tripoli, his father Amalric's maternal cousin. His sister Sibylla became Queen after Baldwin died and reigned 1186-1187 with her husband Guy of Lusignan until Saladin took the city.  
Succeeded in 1189 by his son King Richard I