"In the Year 2525" by Zager and Evans (a one hit wonder) was written by a bearded Rick Evans in 1964. With a borrowed $500, they recorded it on the tiny Truth Records label in 1968, and mailed copies to every major record company. Released subsequently by RCA it become a major number one hit worldwide in July 1969, the month Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, one month before Woodstock's "peace" festival, and Charles Manson's Hollywood "war" (once upon a time) that occurred that August.

The song used a common theme in the sixties "warning of the dangers of technology, portraying a future in which the human race was destroyed by its own technological and medical innovations (and divine wrath) though with the last stanzas of the song suggesting mankind undergoes a continuing cycle of birth, death, and rebirth" — fromthevaults-boppinbob.blogspot.com


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