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Talking about Chuck Missler, he must be about 80 now, been living in New Zealand the past four years, here’s some of his background for those interested

** He’s currently living at Reporoa. It's a small town on the North Island in New Zealand. His wife of 58 years, Nancy, passed away last November, in 2015.

** Update May 3rd 2018 Charles "Chuck" W. Missler, born May 28 1934, passed away peacefully at his home in Reporoa New Zealand on May 1st 2018.

Nancy had been just 19 when they'd married in 1957. That same year she gave her heart to the Lord at Hollywood Presbyterian church. Chuck and Nancy had met on a blind date in 1956 at the University of Los Angeles (UCLA). He completed his electrical engineering degree there with honours, took a military commission in the Air Force then, after marrying, became Branch Chief of the Department of Guided Missiles for the US Airforce, yes highly trained. He and his wife then had 2 boys, Chip (in 1959) and Mark (in 1961), then a little while later, two girls, Lisa and Michelle. Sadly, Chip passed away from a heart attack while jogging in 1998. Mark died at the start of this year, 2016, from cancer.

Chuck had studied the Bible as a child. And with the Jesus movement of the late sixties-early seventies, he and his wife came under the mentoring of Chuck Smith and his "Maranatha" church — Calvary Chapel. Maranatha is actually a word Paul uses in 1 Cor 16:22, from Aramaic/Hebrew Mara-na Our Lord, Ruler, atha come.

And Maranatha Records produced great Jesus music. I was just a young Methodist, and loving their music in Brisbane/Townsville in 1974-76. Click the songs below for Maranatha's first, famous "Ever-livin' Jesus Music Concert" in 1971, not high-budget, but after all, it was their first album. /maranatha.asp

Chuck now became a senior Bible teacher, working with Chuck, and also a chap named Hal Lindsey, another "end-times" guy, over the next 20 years. Produced Bible tapes for Home Bible study groups. Balanced it with a high-profile, corporate career. But, according to his wife, in an "Up in Flames" article she wrote in 1998, /articles/1998/170/, at that time, "both of us were teaching others in our Bible studies that Christ is the answer to all our problems, and in our hearts we knew this to be true. Yet, in our lives behind closed doors, it wasn't true at all - our lives were totally falling apart. And our boys, who were teenagers at the time, saw the whole thing! Sarcastically, they would ask us, "Why would others want what you have? You are no different from people who don't even know God." Oh, how those words hurt! They hurt because we knew them to be true!"

Yes, love the woman's honesty.

Bankruptcy in 1990 forced the family to sell their San Bernardino home (about 100 kms or so east of Los Angeles), cars, everything. Then, after an earthquake demolished their rented home in 1992, they moved up north to Idaho, that's the state next to Washington state in the west (the good old "Sleepless in Seattle" state). Still kept close contact / fellowship with Chuck Smith and Hal Lindsey. As well as producing a monthly newsletter and Bible study tapes, Chuck and his wife ended up publishing a bunch of books, with Chuck's books exploring end time theory and, fairly obscure, Bible "codes". Also, became co-sponsor of the excellent Blue Letter Bible

Then 20 years later, moved to New Zealand in 2012.

Apparently, he'll be back in Idaho for a conference later this month (i.e. Oct 2016).

Blessings all Steve

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