Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi 1986

The title pays homage to Jon Bon Jovi's admiration for Old West heroes, and how he identifies with them as being hated and loved at the same time ("wanted dead or alive", so to speak). During an interview on Inside the Actors Studio, Jon said he got the inspiration for the song early one morning when he could not sleep while riding in a tour bus. The "lifestyle of every rock band" was similar to that of outlaws in that each was, "a young band of thieves, riding into town, stealing the money, the girls, and the booze before the sun came up."

As a bynote, in 2019, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" has Leonardo di Caprio as a slightly aging, drinking, famous cowboy actor from "The Bounty Hunter", it paid homage to Steve McQueen, the star of "Wanted: Dead or Alive" 1958-1961, a TV show that on many levels made Steve McQueen a household name. In 1969 he was friends with Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring, and apparently on Charles Manson's "hit list". According to McQueen's wife at the time, he began carrying a handgun at all times in public, including at Sebring's funeral.