Mountbatten Family Tree

Louis II of Hesse 1777-1848 had 3 sons.
Louis III 1806-1877 was first and he had no children.

Charles (Karl) 1809-1877 was second.
Charles's eldest son was Louis IV 1837-1892,
who married Princess Alice 1843-1878 daughter of Queen Victoria in 1862.
Alice had a daughter, named Victoria 1863-1950 after her grandmother. She also lived a long life.

Alexander 1823-1888 was the third son of Louis II and he fell in love with his sister's (untitled) lady in waiting, Julia, born in Poland.
They married in 1851 and Alexander's eldest brother (Louis III) granted her the title Countess of Battenberg, a tiny town in Hesse.

Alexander and Julia had a son, Louis 1854-1921 who took the name Louis of Battenberg.
Having an English governess, and with his mother's preference for speaking French, Louis Battenberg became trilingual. Then with the encouragement of his cousin Louis IV's wife Alice, and her mother Queen Victoria, he became a naturalized British citizen and joined the British Royal Navy at the age of 14.

With the support of Queen Victoria, Louis Battenberg married Louis IV and Alice's daughter Victoria in 1884. Louis IV and Alice incidentally had a later daughter Alexandra 1872-1918 who in 1894 became wife of Grand Duke Nicholas II of Russia. It was the same year Nicholas's father died and thus Alexandra became Tsarina of Russia.

Back in England, Louis and Victoria had a daughter, Alice Battenberg 1885-1969, mother of Prince Phillip 1921-2021.

With anti-German sentiment in Great Britain, in 1917 Louis changed his and Victoria's name from Battenberg to Mountbatten.
Their son, Dickie, 1900-1979 did the same.

When Phillip married Elizabeth (his third cousin) in 1947, he abandoned his Greek and Danish royal titles (the House of Glucksberg) that he had inherited from his father Andrew 1882-1944, and he adopted the surname Mountbatten. Phillip had been brought up in England with assistance from his uncle Dickie and his grandmother Victoria Mountbatten. Victoria was the first cousin of King George V, Queen Elizabeth's grandfather.

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