Many may well be aware, before about 1880, there was no such word as "homosexual" in reference to people. Apparently it started as a German word, around that time.

http://www.etymonline.com /index.php?term=homosexual

Prior to this, grooming / taking a boy or even a young man to bed (pederasty) was condemned pretty much universally. And adopting it as a lifestyle, somewhat similarly. So a new word had to get started, for the dark purpose of deception, without that baggage.

Thus, thoughts by Krafft-Ebing in a book in 1886 first referred to "homosexual" as a "perversion", Freud's books then tamed it down to a "psychological problem", and in the universities, and in the media, and in the "king's houses" – click the following for an "effeminate clothing" comment made by Jesus in Matthew 11:8 (in Greek "malakas") and its association in the New Testament with "same sex bedding", "softness" and "disease" (in Greek "malakia") - (sleaziness and slackness) – they just gradually shift, year by year, in changing that word to "people are different" and ultimately "safe schools".

Click here for a news.com.au review of the Sky News interview on marriage between Australian tennis champion Margaret Court and Andrew Bolt on 29th May 2017 — "I think it’s bullying. I think they always said that we were bullying them but I think there’s a lot of bullying gone on, intimidation,” she told Sky News late Monday. “I think everybody has their views. (But) this is a Judaeo-Christian nation and I believe we should protect marriage.”

Yes, "How dare you judge us" said the men to Lot as, I think in reverent fear, he even offers his daughters to the mob. Genesis 19. What a situation. And "remember Lot's wife" says the Lord Luke 17:32, when it comes to getting "too close" to the world. Thank you Lord, for your mercy, your wisdom and grace.

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