Garden City Parking Fees

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Westfield's general rule Australia-wide is that multiple entries are permitted in the one day, but only free for 3 hours in total as identified by the car's number plate.

In Garden City, if 3 hours have expired, then validate your parking ticket at a pay station before returning to the car. Banknotes and coins (10 cents and higher) are acceptable, along with Visa, Mastercard, and Amex credit cards.

Parking Fees History at Westfield in Brisbane
Chermside: October 24 2011.
Carindale: July 16 2012.
Garden City: July 8 2013 with 3 to 3½ hours at $2.00, rising by $1.00 in 30 minute increments to a maximum of $20.00 per day.

Current Garden City Fees
In 2022, 3 to 3½ hours costs $4.00, rising by $2.00 in 30 minute increments to 5½ to 6 hours at $14.00, 6½ to 7 hours at $18.00, and anything over 7 hours is a full daily rate of $36.00.

Entry is free after 5.30pm provided customer exits before 9.00am the next morning.

Lost tickets incur the maximum daily charge. In the event that a vehicle is left on the premises for a continuous period in excess of 24 hours, they may move the vehicle by towing or otherwise at customer expense.

Valet parking
If driving in from Kessels Rd or MacGregor St i.e. Orange Car Park it costs $15.00. Hand the keys to the valet parking attendant, and pick up the car once finished shopping. Every 6th visit free with a loyalty card.

Prime Parking bays are located adjacent to Valet Parking. Car parking rates apply, $8 extra charge to be paid to Valet attendant upon parking.

Disabled parking permit holders. Authorised disability parking permit holders will only need to validate once to receive free parking.

Westfield Plus Members can also have their parking validated when spending over $200 in a single visit. Present the valid spend receipts to the Concierge desk on Level 1 or 2. Scan the QR code using their Westfield Plus App. Show their success screen to Concierge staff to receive the validated parking ticket. To redeem after hours, press the help button at any pay station.

How can I get a receipt for parking? If you are in centre please visit the Concierge desk and the team will be able to help you. Alternatively, please contact the Customer Support team by submitting a request. Be sure to include the details of your visit and number plate, and the team will be able to help you. 

Usage restrictions: You must not distribute handbills or pamphlets, engage in any commercial activities or use skate boards, scooters or roller blades without our authorisation. You must not bring or leave in this car park any offensive, hazardous or dangerous substance or thing, nor anything which may be or become a danger, nuisance or inconvenience to us or to any person lawfully in or about this car park or Centre. If you do so you shall be trespassing.

Parking guidance cameras: When you use our car park we may capture your licence plate and vehicle information through parking guidance systems. We use this information for measuring and analysing car parking dwell times and shopper behaviour, marketing purposes, security purposes and to assist you to locate available car spaces and your car.

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