"Free The People" - Sherbet (1971)
Written and sung by Barbara Keith (a much slower version) in September 1970

Also sung by Delaney&Bonnie (a little bit faster) in June 1970, and covered by Barbara Streisand for the album "Stoney End", released in February 1971.

Then came Sherbet's version featuring a falsetto vocal by Darryl Braithwaite (and a much faster beat), in October 1971

Free the people from the fire
Pull the boat out of the raging sea
Tell the devil he's a liar
Come and save the likes of me

Verse 1 (as sung on Barbara Keith version)
Saw your light from the street
As I passed by the other day
I was scared, my knees were weak
Forgot what I had come to say


Verse 2 (Sherbet version only)
Some men walk on the water
Everybody lookin' on
Gettin' lonely was his daughter
He would phone first and now I'm gone


Verse 3
If you see me in some dark alley
Lookin' like I don't belong
You can take me to a green valley
Now their singin' that same old song